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Are you experiencing persistent discomfort or limited mobility due to a torn ACL?

Are you experiencing persistent discomfort or limited mobility due to a torn ACL?

¬†This common injury can be debilitating, impacting your ability to perform daily activities and pursue your passions. If you’re seeking effective and comprehensive treatment options to address your ACL injury, Forest Hills Rehab offers specialized care tailored to your needs.
An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear is a common knee injury, often occurring during sports activities or sudden movements that place stress on the knee joint. This injury can cause pain, swelling, instability, and difficulty bearing weight, significantly affecting your quality of life.
At Forest Hills Rehab, we understand the challenges faced by individuals recovering from an ACL injury. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing personalized treatment plans designed to promote healing, restore function, and enhance your overall well-being.
Our skilled physical therapists utilize a variety of techniques to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee joint, improve stability, and enhance range of motion. Through targeted exercises, manual therapy, and functional training, we help you regain strength and mobility.
For individuals undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery, our rehabilitation program focuses on optimizing recovery, minimizing pain, and facilitating a safe return to activity. We work closely with your surgeon to ensure coordinated care and optimal outcomes.
Located in Queens, NY, Forest Hills Rehab is your trusted partner in overcoming ACL injury and achieving optimal knee health. Our compassionate team is committed to providing comprehensive care and support throughout your recovery journey.
If you’re ready to experience the transformative benefits of ACL injury treatment, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Forest Hills Rehab today. Call us at 718-520-8480 to book your same-day appointment and take the first step towards reclaiming your mobility and enjoying a pain-free life. Let us help you regain control of your health and embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.
Note: Prior to starting any new treatment or therapy, it is advisable to seek the consent of your physician, particularly if you have undergone ACL reconstruction surgery. Your well-being is our priority at Forest Hills Rehab.

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