Work Injuries

We Accept Worker's Compensation Coverage As Full Payment! Most Patients Have No Out Of Pocket Costs For Treatment!

Work Injuries

Even A Minor Work Accident Can Be A Major Pain!

If you have suffered a work injury, we can help! Our doctors and physical therapists are work accident and injury specialists and we accept workers compensation.

With two decades of experience treating work related injuries through worker’s compensation, and thousands of patient visits to our credit, we at Forest Hills Rehabilitation are often referred to as the work related injury experts.

You don’t need to suffer any longer!

Safe, effective treatment is just a phone call away whether you are looking for physical therapy, a chiropractor, or sports medicine – our full service rehabilitation facility in Forest Hills can help you.

Contact Us Anytime at (718) 520-8480 or read on to learn how we may help you after a work accident injury…

What to Do After A Work Related Injury

You do not have to be involved in a terrible accident to claim worker’s comp benefits. Your injury could be a severe back strain from lifting a heavy object, a cumulative injury from repetitive tasks like carpal tunnel syndrome, or a mild soft-tissue injury. You may even be covered when injured at work even if the injury is not related to your job! (ex. fall down the stairs).


Worker’s Compensation Injuries and Accidents That We Commonly Treat:

* Bending, lifting, or twisting injury
* Ladder injuries or falls from heights of all kinds
* Vehicle accidents in company vehicles or personal vehicles while on duty
* Carpal tunnel syndrome
* Slip and Falls
* Back or Neck Injury
* Knees/Meniscus
* Shoulders, rotator cuff
* Feet, ankles
* Falling merchandise
* Repetitive stress/strain
* Surgical rehab

You do not have to be involved in a terrible accident or injury to be allowed medical benefits under worker’s compensation. Your injury could be severe as in major slip and fall or simple like wrist and hand pain from overuse.

We at Forest Hills Rehabilitation are equipped to handle all degrees of work injuries.

We have the latest in acute care and rehabilitation equipment.

We offer a full-service modern facility, with multiple doctors and clinicians on staff. You will have access to sports medicine, physical therapy, diagnostic ultrasound, and chiropractic all in one facility.

Additionally we do all paperwork and billing in house. Our worker’s compensation insurance experts are available full time and will file all paperwork on your behalf.

Let us help you. Call today. If you were injured at work , you may be a candidate for immediate treatment at our office under worker’s compensation. Give us a call to find out today…

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