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Shoulder Injury? Forest Hills Rehab Can Help.

Shoulder Injury? Forest Hills Rehab Can Help.

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Do you deal with shoulder impingement, bursitis, or a rotator cuff injury?

According to the NIH, up to 25% of all Americans deal with a shoulder injury at some point in their lives. Whether it’s from lifting weights, tennis, pickleball, baseball, swimming, or even a workplace injury – everyday life (and athletic activities) can take a toll on the upper body. The shoulder joint itself is so complex and interconnected that when one thing goes awry, radiating pain (and other problems) can arise.

From Active Release Technique (ART) to KT Tape to Acupuncture, Forest Hills Rehab has many different approaches – and treatment methods – that can loosen up both your shoulder(s) and the areas surrounding them (lats, traps, pecs, etc), which can also be problematic.

To find out how you can benefit from these and other therapies, call our office today to schedule an appointment – based right in Forest Hills (Queens, NY). Let us help you regain upper body mobility and return back to the activities you enjoy participating in (with less pain and stiffness). Call us today and take restorative measures.

Note: Please do not start any physical therapy routine without the consent of your physician.

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