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Treating Pinched Nerves with a Comprehensive Approach at Forest Hills Rehabilitation!

Treating Pinched Nerves with a Comprehensive Approach at Forest Hills Rehabilitation!

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Have you suffered from tingling, numbness, and/or loss of feeling in your hands, feet, etc.?

Pinched nerves are fairly common. According to My Cleveland Clinic, about 1% of the population suffers with this on a yearly basis. This may seem like an inconsequential statistic; however, if you are one of those who suffers from pinched nerve symptoms – this is a problem that is all too real, and one which may seem nearly impossible to treat.

In addition to numbness, tingling, etc. – patients who suffer from chronic problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, cervical radiculopathy, or sciatica may experience burning, stabbing, and/or shooting pain(s); oftentimes making everyday activities nearly impossible and much less enjoyable.

That is why our experts (at Forest Hills Rehab) decide to treat pinched nerves with a comprehensive, complementary approach – leveraging more than just one “1” modality. Massage therapy and ART (Active Release Technique) are employed to loosen the surrounding muscles (which are likely “tightening” the areas around the affected nerve, thus pulling further on the nerve), while chiropractic manipulations and acupuncture can help release those muscles, joints, ligaments and promote proper realignment (perfect for conditions stemming from the neck/spine such as cervical radiculopathy).

To find out how you can benefit from these and other therapies, call our office today to schedule an appointment – based right in Forest Hills (Queens, NY). Let us help you regain movement and return back to your everyday activities (which were truncated due to your pinched nerve). Call us today and take preventive measures.

Note: Please do not start any physical therapy routine without the consent of your physician.

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