Dr. Ray Van Daly, Chiropractor

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Ray Van Daly is a NY state licensed chiropractor with eleven years of experience in treating patients and managing multi-disciplinary health centers and a solo practice. Dr. Van Daly has extensive knowledge of patient case management, sports medicine, rehabilitation techniques, weight loss and nutrition, life coach and public speaking. In addition to being a top rated chiropractor he is also an experienced athletic trainer. His charismatic and personable approach towards chiropractic and life has allowed him to develop successful relationships with professionals in many disciplines.

Dr. Van Daly is an ambitious and energetic professional who is deeply committed to providing optimal patient care oriented with a focus on achieving overall improved health and wellness while utilizing the latest technology and techniques.

Along with our exceptional team at Forest Hills Rehabilitation, Dr. Van Daly looks forward to introducing you to the unique advantages that chiropractic can offer.

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